a video i put together from yesterday



Your comments are accepted...mind you that 1 I have no video editing skills whatsoever, 2 this was shot with a crappy kodak digital camera, 3 This is my first quad. Other than that I hope you enjoy.

The guy on the yellow 250r is my friend dennis and the little guy on the black on is my son.
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damn no comments at all...i need to go take some video editing lessons..make it a little more snazzy for you guys
i feel bad for you i know what its like to use a quad you loved, today i am still mad at the court for ordering me to sell my 250 0r 300ex just for trying to flee and then wrecking i spent 4 nights in the hospital for that and they did not think i was punished enough
damn that sucks...I need a better camera..ill try and get my wife out to do the filming so then anyone riding can be in it more. But she hates everything about it cause it takes time away from her.