A Big CoonAss hello from the bayou


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Jul 28, 2007
Deep in the swamps of Louisiana
it is a same we have to meet like this , Because my sons blaster is disabled & thats how I fount this web site . But boy I am glad I fount it . I look forward to spending alot of time here . So get ready for me to bug the crap out of ya'll LOL . If ya'll ever in my neck of the woods around " mardi gras " Bring your blaster , we ride them in the parades every year .
Ride them in the parades? Cool. So you can be riding and watching titties at the same time. lol
LOL for a solid week !!!!!!!!! all the titties U want to look at ! BUT better yet if you are riding solo , the chicks want to ride with you so bad they will RIDE TOPLESS WITH U ( untill the cops tell them to put a shirt on ) then when U out of sight of the cop they take them off again till the next cops does the same & it is just a game with the cops after that lol
ok, man, that is reallly awesome, im gunna haul my blaster down to Mardi Gras next time!, or hahhah, i should take my banshee that is made for dragracing...and rip past the cops and not have them catch us at all :D, you are soooo damn lucky lol.
lol no need to run man . unless you kill someone during mardi gras , you are let off with a warning except ON BURBON STREET itself . they are real strick there . but I live about 40 miles south of New Orleans & it is a whole lot easyer here . but just for the record lol I did run from them one time ( with wife on back ) headed for a huge dranage ditch I knew was close & lost his $ss with no problem . till this day we laugh when we think about it . know that was about 8 years ago .