96 Blaster FS



You see the pic of it in my avatar. Its also has a aftermarket bumper and grab bar. All it needs is a rear caliper and rear brake cable. Runs awesome never had any problems with it. Theres a K&N filter on it. Im located in South Jersey by Atlantic City. Asking 1200 obo. If you have any questions email me at russelchiacchia@comcast.net or you can call my cell phone 845-629-8761. Im going out of the area next week for the holiday would like to sell it before that. Dont throw some lowball price I dont need to sell it I would just rather have the money now.
taking offers...please no lowballers I had one guy call and offer me 300 I had to laugh at him or I was going to flip out
yeah thats what I thought. I had it listed for 1200 but I would have taken 9 the whole time....but everybody who calls is BSin