2007 rebuild!!!!!!!!!!











needless to say i might this is why i havent been on much lately. Thanks for looking
hey i don't blame you for buying a new quad its just sometimes the blaster gets too small and we need somethign bigger..

i like your new bike looks sweet!
If you got the money and are sick or ready to move up from the legendary Blaster, then by all means. Nice quad by the way.

BlasterFreak you sold your Blaster???? What you going to do now????
thanks guys. I will never regret moving up to a 450 thats fo sho
hmm alright i'll tell ya what blasterfreak told me he told me he sold his blaster to blow it on his car if i'm correct, and he might be selling his dirtbike just saying what i heard
Is that Suzuki light weight? I have wanted to get something new for a long time now. Something with more power that looks better than the Blaster. What do you think of the Suzuki? More importantly... does is sound good?
my friend has a LT-R450 and it sounds sweet, the fuelk injection is amazing and the throttle response is off the hook, DASA pipes are supposed to be the best one these so if you got one, get the Cherry Bomb mod and get DASA pipe fo sho
it doesnt sound very good until you take the baffle out, then it sounds like a beast. It is kinda heavy especailly compared to the blaster, but you dont notice it when you ride.

ive already got a cherry bomb on the way and ive done my research and the DASA is the best pipe for the ltr
hmm interesting, i'm trying to decide between a yfz and ltr i will still have my blaster if i get either one.
I'm looking to build a street tuner/ricer/street racer whatever you want to call them is up to you Lol

Oh by the way i didn't sell my blaster i just wanted to see what you would think. I most likely am selling my dirtbike though.
Everyones thinkin it, im gunna be the first to say it. Yamaha's 450 is gunna lose its ass if they dont come out with something new or mooch the other companies ideas. Suzuki has the centered exhaust, FI, and its wider. Kawasaki now has the aluminum frame and FI. What does the yamaha have? Nothing. They need to come out with something this year....

Im gunna make this a whole new thread, dont wanna mooch yours.