2004 banshee axle F/S


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Mar 26, 2007
Southeastern, Mi
As most of you know I recently installed a g-force axle and have no use for my stock shee axle. It will fit any blaster and is 3.5 inches wider. This axle is not bent and only has some surface rust. I will clean it up as soon as I get some time then put pictures up. This axle comes with the 2 stock lock nuts, 2 castle nuts for the hubs, and the 2 stock washers.

I have the G-force stock axle nut size wrench I will throw in for a little more money.

Make shipped offers. Ill ship to any of the 48 lower states.
I pmed you about the rear caliper. Any interest in trading the axle, axle hardware, and g-force stock axle wrench for your caliper and all the hardware? I can throw some cash in too.
u would have to use the blasters carrier...brake disc...adn the hubs are interchangeable...and alll u need is teh shee axle and axle nuts....and yes it will fit ur 01blaster
That blows that out the ass, haha i spent the money i made this week on new tires an rims an the track fee, maybe next week
Alright man i will see what happens, i'm not promising to buy this so no hard feelings if i can't make the purchase i want it though so i can widen my blaster out
One just went on ebay for $50 plus $17 shipping with no hardware, just the axle. If you change your mind let me know ill have it shipped out same day if not the day after.
Do you wanna trade for the caliper? just the axle an the axle nuts, then you could sell it to your friend an make a profit or w/e, the axle isn't bent is it?