2003 yamaha raptor limited edition

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....That's some funny stuff right there. I really don't like raptors.

I do want a YFZ 450 though.
lmfao one of my cousins freinds had a craptor 660 an he was like i outran my friends fully modified banshee, an i had a pipe an bored out an bigger jets, i'm like that guy doesn't know how to ride or his banshee was only running on 1 cylinder or something but there is no way a raptor 660 outrun a fully modded banshee, hes a f*ckin retard he talks all tuff an sh*t, hahahahaha i just had to tell.
well why don't u race him? see if u can beat his ass, and embarass him.

if i saw a yfz for a good deal i would get it and i sure ass hell would not sell my blaster, i would keep both!