2001 blaster for sale



I have a 2001 blaster that i want to get rid of so i can get a newer one, it has a fmf fatty exhaust with a fmf power core 2 silencer, and a k&n airfilter. This thing run awsome i love riding it but i just want to buy a newer one. i dont know exactly what i want for it so make offer thanks.



oh i just like the look of the newer ones and i want to get one that is stock so then i know for sure what is done to it
If it were myself, I would do a full restoration. Get the frame and everything powdercated and then rebuild it myself from the ground up, that way I know it was done right :) Oh yeah, and buy a new nose piece from project blaster to make it look like a new one. could all be done for what you would pay for a newer one too, and it would look and perform killer.

Just my thoughts :)
maxitout is write but i do agree the 03 up models look wayyy better than the old ones and they also got disc brakes !
i can't inmagine riding a blaster with a huge lunch box lite that u could break easily if you flipped it and ho won earth would u stock those blasters without a front disc brake if the rears suck.
like russel said how low will you go because is the same as yours but stock. that's selling for 1200