18" Kenda klawsMX's and 14tooth sprocket



I am putting on a 14 tooth sprocket to gain a little top speed..I have the stock big style rear wheels on my blaster now and I am very intrested in getting some Kenda KlawsMX's for the rear..

Now what are the benifits of running a flat top style tire on the rear of my quad?

From what I understand the 18inch tires will help me down low..Im adding a 14tooth for top end..but I dont mind running a smaller tire with a bigger sprocket and setting my gearing\power range in the mid section (best of both worlds)..Thats where it seems like it will be with the 14T and the 18" tires, am I right??

My last questions are tire size and wheel fittment..The Kenda klaws come
18x10.5x8 or 18x10.5x9 What would be best for my riding style ( trail riding, some street riding, and snow riding mainly in a flat open area ) and what size wheel would I need to fit the tires on? I see a .195 wheel which is 8x8 i beleave..Will that wheel fit the 18x10.5x8 or 18x10.5x9??

Thanks alot guys :)
The last number in the tire specifications is the wheel diameter.

An 18x10.5x8 tire is 18 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide, and has 8 inch bead diameter (meaning it goes on 8 inch wheels).

Stock blaster rear wheels are 8 inch, so get tires in that size if you don't want to get new rear wheels.

You could buy new 9 inch wheels, but I'm not sure of the benefit if you are going to use an 18 inch tall tire anyways. Your top speed would be the same.
Plus, you'd have to find a 9 inch wheel with the correct bolt pattern for the Blaster (100/4 I believe?)
Oh..i forgot..

you will see a difference in the handling of your machine with smaller, flat profile tires. My last machine had razr rear tires and they allow you to slide and corner much easier than the round tires on a blaster.

I'm planning to upgrade my Blaster tires to something smaller and flatter.
Yea thats good to hear..I am looking to get some kenda klaws or some holeshots in an 18" profile..and run those from now untill I get snow fall out by me..then I will throw the ballon tires back on..Thanks for the info!