01 blaster wont start



hey i just bought an 01 blaster and it wont start. the guy said when pulled behind a truck it would start but it wont stay running when it stops. what could be the problem?
Try fresh fuel and a new plug. Make sure your 2-stroke oil mixture is good too. I run all my bikes at around 32 to 40:1. Oops im assuming you have your oil injector disconnected. Which is a real easy and you do not even need the block off kit.
ok where is the oil injector located. im new to small motor repair i have done alot of work on cars but never any small motors.
you CAN remove it without putting a block off kit in doesnt mean it was done right.

Im not saying thats what the problem is but, if an oil injection system was removed and not blocked off properly (and or your not premixing fule and oil after the system is removed.) this can cause problems.

so to check to see if the oil injection system has been removed, check under your left rear fender. There is a canister with oil there and a tube the runs up to the right/font side of your clutch cover. Take the 3-4 screws out that hold the small plastic cover on (this is our oil injection cover) and if there is a small thing in there with something that looks like a priming bulb (from like a lawn mower, although that s not what it is) then your injection is intact.
ok my lap top is in the garage with me now. there is no canister under the left rear fender. and the plastic cover on the clutch casing is that the cove that covers the front chain sprocket too? I just took the plug out and gave it a few kicks while it was grounded to the head and there is no spark... ah these little engines are difficult
Well then you prob have a block off kit but you need to make sure. No its not the one that covers the front sprocket (other side) and not the large one.

Since there is no spark you will need to test your electircals, Ive posted this before in the following link. 88' Blaster spark died - Yamaha Blaster Forum
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thats not on there. i can see where the tm plate should go but there is a rod sticking out about three inches. just above that and to the left it looks like some one welded there.
To answer your question B14573R. I removed all the oil injection stuff like you would with a block off kit. I just left the drive shaft for the oil pump in the case(minus the gear).
twsjeep does it still work good because im almost sure that is whats done to mine i think the no spark issue might have something to do with the generator.
Spark has nothing to do with the oil injector. I know Blocking off the oil injector this way is not "the correct way" but it still works good. When I buy a used 2-stroke first thing I do is rebuild/ clean the carb. I do this even if it is running. Not sure how new you are to bike you are but I would quaddrouple check for spark. In my experience with used bikes I have rarely seen no spark. Im not saying this could not happen though. Give it a couple good kicks and if you cannot see it listen for it. Or just grab the spark plug and kick thru it will grab you that way too (OUCH). BTW did you premix your gasoline with 2-stroke oil before you tried to start your bike? A couple of good pictures of the motor would be good too.
well i have the whole top end off of it now. the inside of the motor is in excelent shape. after market rod and piston too. ill look into rebuilding the carb on it. is it difficult to do?
ok there is a forum with pics on here that tells you how to do it so im goning to take a stab at that today and im going to take off the TORS thing too. as for the no spark i might bring it to a private mechanic or something.
ya it mainly look like that even if u do it ur self without the kit its just like a plate coving it
rebuilt my carb too i have an 89 that i bought used and let me tell you this thing has cost me jsut as much as i payed for it in fixing it up ( and weeks of my time) apparently the cylindor did not agree with the piston so i had to get another cylinder and piston, after getting it back together it started and idled... and BOOY did it feel good.. but now its not starting so ill check for the spark through the plug in any case i did happen to see a few sparks flying out of the muffler ( UH oh..) before turning it off