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  1. DKavcak

    Stiff Front Brake Lever (Hydraulic Conversion)

    Hey Everyone, So last thursday I swapped my entire front-end for a 2004 Blaster. I picked everything up (minus the master and new rotors) for $150. Galfer Lines sure are a thing of beauty! Since I had no way to keep the line from going into the steering shaft, I had to zip-tie it loosely to...
  2. DKavcak

    Qing Da Tire

    So...I bought the cheapest "GNCC Tread Pattern" tire I could find for my Blaster (10" ITP Rear Wheels) These set me back about $93 for the pair and were shipped to my door in about three days from Amazon. Let me start off by saying they were a pain to seat the bead. The first tire I had to...
  3. DKavcak

    Cable Brakes and Why?

    So the old lady and I went out riding a week and a half ago. The DCNR trail by me has a lot of water and rocks. With that being said, my '91 became a Blaster. I lost the rear brakes and the fronts faded after about an hour of very hard riding. Can someone please tell me why Yamaha decided that...