1. D

    Where to start on rebuild

    Hello new to this site see if I can get some help I recently got my blasters back from a scum bag who was supposed to do a rebuild on the one and use what ever parts off the other and ened up making them worse then when I brought them to him and tried taking them and my money I won the court...
  2. J

    02 blaster full rebuild

    Just picked up 02 blaster need full rebuild cases are in good condition head is good cylinder probly needs to be bored over im wondering what should I about the cylinder and what Brands should I use for the rebuild and if there anything else I need right now I'm thinking sending the cylinder off...
  3. J

    02 full rebuild

    Just picked up a 02 blaster that needs complete rebuild cases are in good shape cylinder is probably going to need to be bored over im wondering what brands should I use for the rebuild an what should I do about the cylinder right now I'm thinking sending the cylinder off to KOR with wiesco...
  4. Hunter cruise

    starts but weak spark

    Ok so i finished rebuilding my blaster after destroying the top end( new top end is ported and polished with a shaved head) I also replaced all the seals while i had it apart. but my problem is i put the motor in and it started up 2nd kick however it doesn't idle and bogs down and smokes and has...
  5. 2

    Where to buy a quality carb rebuild kit and float

    My 2003 Yamaha blaster leaks gas out of the carb through the long overflow tube when gas is on or it's at idle. I think the float might be sticking or the seat might not be sealing well. Where could I find a quality rebuild kit and float, not some cheap Chinese kits that make my bike run like...
  6. Lucinda Rose

    Rebuilt Yamaha blaster and not starting any help appreciated

    Hi I am looking for any kind of advice I have purchased most new parts but a second hand engine i have a spark but it’s still not starting is there anything I can do or check ?
  7. W

    how to tell if i have a chinese cylinder?

    I got a blaster recently and have done a ton of stuff to it, it needed a new piston last on had a broken skirt. anyways the the cylinder is fine but i can’t tell if it is oem or a cheap one. the piston looked to be like a cheap one and it was definitely not oem. but i’m not sure about cylinder...
  8. Blastarded1

    Flywheel balancing

    Just wanted to share this awesome video about how to easily balance your flywheel at home. Video: Program: I know this is old but it's so awesome! Maybe somebody hasn't seen it yet.
  9. T


    Hey so this is my first post on the forum. I’m brand new, I have had a blaster for 4 months now. Loved every minute of it till the other day i blew the whole motor. Not sure what happened, I was running 32:1 with supreme. maybe because i didn’t change the engine oil as frequent as needed for how...
  10. M

    Rebuilding and found crack in case. Suggetions please.

    Just bought a 2000 blaster and it needs some love. Carb looks new and i cleaned it but would still bog in the upper rpm's. Also no 5th gear. Upon disassembly It looks like the balance ate into the case and also there is a crack any suggestions? Could a shop weld/ grind to fix this. Also it...
  11. tristan prokop

    1999 Yamaha blaster won’t start

    I’ve got a 99 blaster that sat for awhile at my buddies house, before it sat it ran perfect and usually started up on the first couple kicks. I took it out to my dads lodge to start it up and we tried for hours to get it to start with no success. It has aftermarket Toomey exhaust pipes, 310...
  12. MN Squatch

    Fresh rebuild with minor mods, can’t get it to run right

    So I rebuilt my 02 blaster this winter after I fried it a couple weeks after buying it last summer. When I did the fresh rebuild (jug, piston, rings, gaskets) I added dual stage boyesen reeds, ported and polished the jug, and removed the box air filter altogether and put a cone filter right on...
  13. D

    Interested in Vito's 240 Kit, recommendations?

    Hello everyone, I put a Chinese cylinder on my blaster and I think it's going out. Probably because I didn't do a leak test, since I didn't know it was a thing. I'm interested in installing the Vito's kit, but talking to KOR he suggested that it's better just to port the stock cylinder. My...
  14. Bosvark

    Blaster won't start 2020

    Hi guys new to the site, I need help, my blaster won't start, it has fire, it has compression and it is getting fuel, I have checked the carburetor it is clean and everything is oky with it. The spark plug is a little wet, but not drowned and still fires, I have even flushed the tank and...
  15. DKavcak

    Stock Yamaha Blaster "Top Speed"

    I'm sick and tired of seeing all of these posts about "what sprockets should I use" or "how fast is my Blaster." I'M ENDING THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL! Please reference the following photo for STOCK engine/gearing/tires/chain/sprockets: I converted the standard tire size into the metric size...
  16. D

    03' Blaster leakdown

    Hey, first time poster. Just bought a used 2003 yamaha blaster. Needed to do a top end rebuild which involved me buying a completely brand new Cylinder after breaking a bolt off putting the carburetor joint back on. Didnt do a bottom end but knew i should do both at the same time but after being...
  17. Noxtol

    Full Rebuild

    So i am doing an entire rebuild on my 2000 blaster engine, was looking for some advice/thoughts on the parts i plan on using Full Top and Bottom kit with crank bearings...
  18. L


    My blaster has 90 psi of compression but starts first kick every time and runs and idles perfect. 90 psi is way too low for a blaster. Can my Tester be bad? Or should I just rebuild it? When I got it it supposedly had a brand new cylinder which it looked as so but I’m not sure about piston and rings
  19. lucknuts

    Bad break-in, bad piston?

    My buddy bought and put in a piston on my blaster while I’ve been busy with work. I rode it around for two full gas tanks somewhat easy with a dab extra 2stroke oil in the gas. It is still oil injected, no tors delete on it. He just said it’d be good for it. It was more than a few days of...
  20. STurnerXM2010

    Should I Be Concerned?

    Finally got the little guy torn apart to resleeve/bore the cylinder and upon further inspection I found discoloration on the crank. Coming from a European race background, I would sh*t bunnies and do cheetah flips if I saw this on one of my cars. That being said, is there anything to worry about...