1. F

    Right side of crankcase

    So I bought a blaster for pretty cheap. I’m rebuilding the engine. I’ve rebuilt one before but, this time all of the gears and everything came out on the right side of the crankcase. I can’t get the snap ring that holds the shift forks off. Has this happened to anyone else? And if so could you...
  2. D

    engine won't take any adjustment

    so I bought an 02 blaster last summer. the tors took a crap which made the quad start up but wouldn't stay idling so in the mean time I by passed it and then it fixed its idling problem. after that the top end went and I bought one online and installed it. this past winter I put in a motion pro...
  3. TrailRider

    Blaster runs for a couple seconds then bogs and dies

    Hi guys. New to this thread and just had a question on my 2003 blaster. So me and my co-worker did a top end rebuild on it tried to fire it up and it took forever to kick over which I expected it to because it sat for 10 years before I picked it up. It is bored 20 over has a fmf gold series...
  4. F


    Well I’m back here asking for help. I was going through the gears before putting my engine back together and I noticed that I couldn’t shift anymore. I opened the right side of my case and found that the shift star is pushed in to the point that I can’t find any gears. The shift knob only moves...
  5. F

    Help with transmission

    I was cleaning my transmission after splitting my case. I flipped it upside down and sprayed brake cleaner to make sure there wasn’t any dirt or anything in the gears. A rod just fell out of the transmission. I think it’s a clutch push rod but I’m not too sure. I have bored out my cylinder and...
  6. F

    OEM Piston

    Hello I am rebuilding my blaster after my piston exploded. I ordered a wiseco piston and it had almost one millimeter of space between the cylinder and the piston. I decided that ordering a OEM piston was the best bet. I got it and it was still kind of small but bigger than the wiseco. So my...
  7. tristan prokop

    Need suggestions to fix a oil leak in engine

    Hey, I have a oil leak coming from where the cylinder meets the crankcase. Wondering if I could use some yamabond or JBweld to fix it? It’s a very small crack where the two crankcases meet. Here’s a picture of it, any help would be great!
  8. tristan prokop

    1999 Yamaha blaster won’t move after rebuild

    Hello, I have a 1999 Yamaha blaster that just received a new top and bottom rebuild. New piston, cylinder head, crankshaft, bearings, transmission, clutches/basket, and new gaskets/jettings for the carb.Everything is jetted correctly and put back together, it has new transmission oil. A buddy...
  9. J

    Need a complete or near-complete good engine or bottom end

    Need a complete or near-complete good blaster engine or bottom end, will pay shipping or pick up near Denver or Kansas City Jeff C
  10. BlasterAdam

    Blaster has low compression but runs

    Hey guys so I’m new in the forum but I have used a lot of information from them to fix my blaster. So I just got it back from a shop with a new clutch case and gaskets and seals. I also had a new clutch installed. But, the guy said that it had lower compression than normal- about 100 psi when it...
  11. L

    Transmission bearing

    So I bought a blaster from a buddy first drive I had it out started making this awful screeching noise which I thought was the clutch. I took the clutch cover off an removed the clutch turns out I think it's a bearing in the transmission that is spun cause whenever I spin the wheel the...
  12. W

    how to tell if i have a chinese cylinder?

    I got a blaster recently and have done a ton of stuff to it, it needed a new piston last on had a broken skirt. anyways the the cylinder is fine but i can’t tell if it is oem or a cheap one. the piston looked to be like a cheap one and it was definitely not oem. but i’m not sure about cylinder...
  13. Blastarded1

    Flywheel balancing

    Just wanted to share this awesome video about how to easily balance your flywheel at home. Video: Program: https://www.emachineshop.com/dynamic-flywheel-balancing/ I know this is old but it's so awesome! Maybe somebody hasn't seen it yet.
  14. T


    Hey so this is my first post on the forum. I’m brand new, I have had a blaster for 4 months now. Loved every minute of it till the other day i blew the whole motor. Not sure what happened, I was running 32:1 with supreme. maybe because i didn’t change the engine oil as frequent as needed for how...
  15. D

    Crankcase Bearings

    This is my first time posting a thread on this forum but here I go. My 02 blaster finally seized up after having engine problems. After a month of replacing literally everything on the damn thing it seized up after running it. We cam to realize that it was the main crank bearing. We have no idea...
  16. C

    Oil leak from engine area

    Hello, Thanks for viewing this post. For a while now I have had an oil leak from the engine area. I have found it near impossible to locate the source of the leak. So have a couple of questions for you: Firstly, is there a tip or trick to locating the source of oil leaks. I know this sounds...
  17. crusty4365

    88-02 stator, harness and electric, on a 240 '03 motor?

    I have two blasters. Id like to put my 03 240 motor in my 88-02 blaster. can I just swap electric? can I replace the 03 stator and harness and electric parts with 88-02 stator harness and electric etc? basically the 88 is in better condition than the 03 but the 03 has a better motor and engine...
  18. Bosvark

    Blaster won't start 2020

    Hi guys new to the site, I need help, my blaster won't start, it has fire, it has compression and it is getting fuel, I have checked the carburetor it is clean and everything is oky with it. The spark plug is a little wet, but not drowned and still fires, I have even flushed the tank and...
  19. Austin Chapman

    Weird head I found on a blasty. Anyone know what it actually fits?

    Alright new guy here got a buddy into riding and decided his first quad to be a blasty. I also own one. Well the Chinese carb he ordered and didn't jet fried his top end. Which is what led me to this... Does any one know what kind of bike this came off of? I've searched the web and can't find a...
  20. yancy

    idle only after stator swap

    hello guy's, Merry Christmas,. ok I have a 1998 blaster, son's bike, stator went out, NO spark. After installing new one, bike starts, will only idle, can somewhat let off clutch in gear, puut around yard, give it throttle , boggs down , but stays running, idle bog. mix my own fuel...