1. Yz125killer

    Rear brake nightmare

    Just got this 2000 blaster on trade and got it running really good finally,new front brakes and they are now perfect but the OEM cable rear brake will not respond to anything. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If I have to do a conversion to hydro maybe someone can suggest...
  2. James Johnson

    Front caliper bolt length??

    Hey everyone just trying to see if anyone knows or if anyone can help me out with the length of the front brake calipers bolts? I am about to do a hydraulic front brakes swap with parts from a 2004 blaster. Problem is there’s no calipers with it (I had to order new ones) so there were no...
  3. A

    What bracket is needed to upgrade '89 blaster rear brakes to hydraulic?

    My son has an '89 YFS200 with mechanical rear brakes. The caliper is bad and it's impossible to find a used one (new ones are like $300). We've read that you can weld a bracket on the frame and get a hydraulic brake setup for under $100. So, what is that part? Suggested source? TIA!
  4. C

    Yamaha blaster rear brake gear won’t move

    hey guys, I wasnt sure what to put this under since I couldn’t find brakes but I ordered a rear brake caliper (cable driven) and when it arrived it was frozen so I went in and unfroze it. It still didn’t work so I went on some forums and everyone’s saying to tighten the white gear on the top...
  5. DeRpYDrUmMeR

    Why Is my front brake hitting throttle

    It’s hitting the throttle so I can’t even use the brakes. Look at the pics
  6. DKavcak

    Cable Brakes and Why?

    So the old lady and I went out riding a week and a half ago. The DCNR trail by me has a lot of water and rocks. With that being said, my '91 became a Blaster. I lost the rear brakes and the fronts faded after about an hour of very hard riding. Can someone please tell me why Yamaha decided that...
  7. L


    So I just picked up my Yamaha blaster and the back brakes don’t work. The pads don’t even move the slightest bit when I press the brake. I took it apart and freed the pad but it still doesn’t want to move. Any advice?
  8. Ripntear

    Looking for rear brake caliper 88-02 need the whole caliper or just the insides

    Im in need of a rear brake caliper with the cable setup. Just bought my first blaster and did a complete rebuild on it from the ground up, got it running and realized i had no back brakes, took the caliper plate off and the guy i bought it from took the whole mechanism out....really just need...