blaster 200

  1. Blaster200_117

    YFS250r concepts

    still looking for a rolling chassis and a donor bike for project YSF250r (a custom long travel yz250 swapped blaster). got bored and made a concept. I threw this together in about an hour so its sloppy and obviously not exact as this doesn't even have a motor and is on stock suspension. it is...
  2. Blaster200_117

    Anyone every owned a long travel blaster and a 450?

    Ok so I used to own a blaster back in the day and I loved it. So much fun. However as most of you are aware they have a pretty bad chassis… no travel, narrow, etc. I’m currently on a bone stock trx450 with a cam and port work. 4 strokes are damn expensive to maintain and work on. For the price...
  3. watergate528

    Blaster 200 Stator Hold down screws.

    Found these after a long search. 6x1x75mm bolts hex bolts. Zinc plated. Not a bad deal for $8.00 with prime. :)
  4. S

    Yamaha blaster sputters

    Blaster sputters won’t hit power band has brand new top end reeds has wiseco rings stock size an bearing carburetor was fully cleaned nothing with the carb fixes this issue I have ngk spark plug it’s a br8es or whatever the stock plug numbers are can’t remember but when I go to ride the quad it...
  5. Y

    Torque specs for the cylinder mounting studs

    Hello I was curious what the torque spec is for the 4 studs that go in the top of the bottom case and hold the cylinder in place I have been looking for quite a while and can't seem to find them anywhere please help. It's a 1989 yamaha blaster
  6. TrailRider

    Blaster runs for a couple seconds then bogs and dies

    Hi guys. New to this thread and just had a question on my 2003 blaster. So me and my co-worker did a top end rebuild on it tried to fire it up and it took forever to kick over which I expected it to because it sat for 10 years before I picked it up. It is bored 20 over has a fmf gold series...
  7. S

    Blaster revs up after I give it gas and stays revved up in neutral

    I’m just looking for some help my blaster revs up after I give it gas in neutral and stays revved up
  8. J

    02 blaster full rebuild

    Just picked up 02 blaster need full rebuild cases are in good condition head is good cylinder probly needs to be bored over im wondering what should I about the cylinder and what Brands should I use for the rebuild and if there anything else I need right now I'm thinking sending the cylinder off...
  9. J

    02 full rebuild

    Just picked up a 02 blaster that needs complete rebuild cases are in good shape cylinder is probably going to need to be bored over im wondering what brands should I use for the rebuild an what should I do about the cylinder right now I'm thinking sending the cylinder off to KOR with wiesco...
  10. A

    Want to buy 2006 and 1988 Yamaha Blaster

    Looking to buy: 1988 Yamaha Blaster (Preferably with title) 2006 Yamaha Blaster (All original, mint condition with title) Send me info and pictures of what you have for sale. TIA Picture For Attention Can text me if easier 215-820-1388
  11. Hunter cruise

    No spark

    I have a 2002 blaster and i was just cleaning up the wiring like taking the headlight wires out bc there isn't a headlight anymore as well as the tail light wires then i go to crank it up and i'm no longer getting spark. I need help finding a simple wire diagram. i have no oil tank no tors no...
  12. Lucinda Rose

    Rebuilt Yamaha blaster and not starting any help appreciated

    Hi I am looking for any kind of advice I have purchased most new parts but a second hand engine i have a spark but it’s still not starting is there anything I can do or check ?
  13. BlasterAdam

    Blaster for Raptor

    Okay, so I completely rebuilt my 2001 blaster from top to bottom- new clutch, cases, brand new wiseco top end, and painted everything. It runs and looks mint and posted it for $2200 because these are hot commodities where I am. So I have a guy who is offering to trade a 2001 Yamaha Raptor 660...
  14. S

    Having air leak somewhere..

    Hello, I recently rebuilt my top end with a new jug also. Right now I have a 310 main and needle clip set to middle, air box lid off, hemi head, fmf pipe, vforce 4 reeds. I have stronger jetting right now because I’m on the second step of the break in procedure. from what I have read in the...
  15. BlasterAdam

    Blaster has low compression but runs

    Hey guys so I’m new in the forum but I have used a lot of information from them to fix my blaster. So I just got it back from a shop with a new clutch case and gaskets and seals. I also had a new clutch installed. But, the guy said that it had lower compression than normal- about 100 psi when it...
  16. A

    What bracket is needed to upgrade '89 blaster rear brakes to hydraulic?

    My son has an '89 YFS200 with mechanical rear brakes. The caliper is bad and it's impossible to find a used one (new ones are like $300). We've read that you can weld a bracket on the frame and get a hydraulic brake setup for under $100. So, what is that part? Suggested source? TIA!
  17. S

    Jetting carb

    What size jet should i run in my blaster 200 full fmf and a mikuni carb main jet
  18. Faakir

    New spec blaster heel guards fit old spec rear fenders??

    Hi I recently bought left and right heel gaurds from yamaha but it's the new spec heel guards. I have an old spec blaster. Will they fit?
  19. S

    HELP!! Blaster probss

    Need help with my 2000 blaster 200. Bought it a little while ago not running. Brought it home and fired up after pull starting it. Cleaned the gas and oil etc and ran pretty good. I wanted to do a carb rebuild because it still seemed a little choppy. Once into the rebuild the needle was set a...