1. James Johnson

    Another yz250 blaster

    Hello all first post on site but have been on this site watching and learning a lot. Just want to thank all of you that have done this swap and shared it on here, because I have learned something from all of you and really helped me be successful on my build. First off I know some guys will...
  2. coop626

    blaster brake kit

    hey @Awk08 are you still selling rear brake kits for a blaster?
  3. Brandon Taylor

    34mm Jetting help

    Having a little bit of issues getting my jetting right since I upgraded my carburetor to a 34 mm PJ. I think I'm pretty close but it's a little on the rich side. I feel like when it's about half throttle or maybe when I jump on the gas. I noticed it is mainly rich when I try to pop a third gear...
  4. Lift1

    01 blaster rear brake

    What's up everyone, I'm new to the forum, just picked up a 01 blaster with no rear caliper. My question is does anyone have a factory caliper on here that they would like to sell or help me out with some advice on doing a swap, either I'd appreciate the help.
  5. JLG

    Pro circuit

    Can a pro circuit pipe be used with a stock silencer?
  6. JLG

    New Guy!

    New to the forum. Thanks for the add. Just picked up 2001 Blaster all original. Looking forward to getting it upgraded! All suggestions are welcome!