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  • Hey Justin, Was good to see you the other day. If you wanna try that again when the weather is better, just lmk.
    No power band

    what is your current jetting set up?
    air box lid on or off?
    remember that reeds will affect the jetting, usually performance reeds make the mixture richer and you need to lean it out to make power.

    have you donr a leak down test lately?
    Hey Justin,
    Thanks for the ride Saturday. Glad to finally get to Maybrook. That little accident got my wrist in a cast. Oh well I learn something from every mishap; don't climb a questionable hill unless you know exactly whats at the top and there's no one in the way when you get there. I:I lmk when you're ready for me to show you around STAR. Will probably be a few weeks though until this cast comes off :)
    vote for blaster of the month in contest section theres some nice quads to pick from
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