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  • So far so good with the heels, nerf's I got. The heels will need trimmed out around the nerfs a little. I picked them up on ebay for $36. They were take off's. The one that showed up doesn't have a scratch on it!
    user cp,edit detail,then the second box you will see Custom user title. Be sure to save.
    Im just being a normal wise ass masshole and stating anyone that doesn't have a clue that I am giving them away for free. :)
    Good deal I've been wanting to go with some 20s for my 04. I currently have some 18 itp hole shot mxs. But I need a taller time for the spots I ride already have the tech 4s on the front and love them.
    What are you planning on doing for pipe? There is a lrd and trinity for sale on ebay now. Or you can Join the Club and buy a DMC!
    Has it warmed up at all in MIN? We hit +23, felt like a heat wave. I feel bad for you guys. This winter sucks!
    I was thinking about trying to make a Carbon Fiber airbox. I dont know a lot about Carbon Fiber, but i think its possible to make a cardboard airbox, and then line the inside with Carbon Fiber Weave Cloth Fabric, then brush on the Resins to harden up the carbon fiber, then rip of the cardboard and cover the outside with more Carbon Fiber Weave Cloth Fabric and harden it with resin. I also guess its possible to glue aluminium between the 2 layers of Carbon Fiber for mounting points and strength.
    Just another dumb idea of mine! lol
    I never made a thread on building my airbox. When i made my airbox i removed my rear fenders and made the biggest box i could fit out of CARDBOARD, and then collapsed my suspension to see if the airbox was going to hit the shock, swingarm and the chain, and leave extra room for a sloppy chain. I made like 4 cardboard airboxs befor i got one i liked and fit! lol
    Then i made the Aluminium airbox.
    check this page too, bent 2"+ and straight pieces of aluminum pipe for like $12
    you would base what size on what inside diameter of the filter you plan to use.
    my cfm box uses 2.5" tubing and a 2.5" inside diamter uni pod filter.

    Aluminum Pipes

    2.5" uni filter
    Uni Clamp on 2 5 in Pod Filter 2 Stage 4" x 6" Performance Air Filter | eBay
    this page, reducers.............
    Intake Pipe Reducer

    my cfom box to 34mm carb takes a 2.5" x 2.25"
    2.5" on the airbox pipe
    2.25" for the back of the carb

    the silicon boot goes over both the intake pipe and carb.

    just measure the outside diameter of whatever intake pipe you have, and the back of whatever carb your using and order that size, they make quite a few sizes that will work for a bunch of different combonations.

    order their clamps too, they are the best clamps made for the few $ more
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