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    The Tavern - Your Chatter Feed

    I now enjoy spending money on the suby :)
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    need help buying fmf silencer

    Actually almost all companies will mate up to each other with no problem FMF silencers with fit on the fatty pipe, not just the pc2
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    My 1st Blaster

    Wow, i havent checked this in a few weeks, this is coming along nicely!!
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    KX250 full rebuild

    I was going to say... They popped together like legos haha I have started and run it a few times. Its a champ, one kick start no choke Back brake line bled out and working. Front one we came to the conclusion he needs new pads to pinch the disc June 11 we will be in glendive riding, hopefully...
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    Herpes came back

    The front fender/hood was a no cut mate. although yes i did cut a hole in the fender piece to make the vents "work" although i doubt it did anything I wish I had never sold my white blaster. This thing was kind of a hack job from previous owners work/lack of I now own an 06 crf250r bike. and...
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    The Tavern - Your Chatter Feed

    Does your welder/friend at work have experience on something that thin? The outside (part welding on) will need to be spotless clean IF your friend were to accidentally put a hole in it by using too many amps, chances are you might never be able to fill it. 1) the thinness make it hard to add...
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    New Car

    Yeah MK3 though. My car started making a funky sound today, might actually bring it to a shop
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    KX250 full rebuild

    Yup, all oem gaskets and seals were used. Lightly added some RTV to the reeds so i wouldnt have problems. everything is torqued too. Should run it wednesday, going to get a temporary exhaust spring (new ones ordered) Having problems bleeding the front brake with the new line though
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    fmf gold series intall help

    Does it go inside and outside of the pipe? some brands run that way. If only on the outside, i suggest getting a new one Pipes are mostly sold in the chrome finish. They hold shine well until beaten up. then the nicks start to show You can sand, buff and use 2000 degree header paint to make...
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    Blaster 98

    Im no expert, and have not had personal experience with the wr200 motor, but will that rear shock be in the way of the intake?
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    KX250 full rebuild

    Whats your suggestion for doing the leak test? I hope to do it in the morning
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    KX250 full rebuild

    Engine is in the frame. Im still trying to figure out a way to seal the exhaust port for a leak test. it doesnt have a bolt on pipe like the blaster and it is not round enough to use a freeze plug
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    KX250 full rebuild

    Still waiting on the cylinder. The company Ken sends cylinders to for re-plating is slow or stupid I don't know :p First they were behind a bit, then they found a crack in the cylinder skirt which took a day more to weld. But they found that early last week and ken still doesn't have it back to...
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    considering cutting plastics what to use?

    The saw is your choice. None will give you a good finish. The finish is done by a file and sandpaper. but if you have access to a bandsaw, that would be the easiest
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    The Tavern - Your Chatter Feed

    4500 can get you a blaster (1500) work an engine (1200 everything done + pipe) pay someone to gusset frame and professional paint job (300) suspension (1500 arms and elkas) so anyone who bought a crate blaster for original price is out of their mind