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  • edit that message to remove your cell # for all the world to see, before you start getting funny calls
    you must find out the needle clip setting, it should be on the middle clip position
    the needle and pilot are still flowing fuel as the main kicks in, it's a sum of all jetting circuts at wide open throttle
    I put a 290 main jet in it today, air screw is 1 1/2 turns out and im not sure about the needle clip.
    ok, hold off on running it anymore till slick gets a leakdown tester to you
    remind me again...........
    what main is in it,
    whats the airscrew setting,
    what position is the needle clip on ???
    I live in leechburg, it's about 45 minutes from there. Up the parkway out to monroeville, then about 20 minutes from there... I've never done a leakdown test, but it seems pretty straightforward. It's up to you... I could use the help, but that's a decent drive from Homestead/Duquesne. Just let me know.
    Hey bro, I live right by kennywwod park, I'd surely, stop over your place and help ya do a leakdown test if your not too far away. No charge-Bob
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