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Sep 12, 2007
hey everybody! found this forum off of google! i've been into quads all my life, had a lil 90 when i was little, jumped to a dirtbike for a bit, and the most recent atv i've had was a lakota i got in 2003. i sold it in 2006 for money towards college. now that ive got about a thousand bucks saved up, im back in the market for a machine to have some fun on. i fell in love with the blaster in 7th grade, but i always settled with other machines just because i was so frustrated because it seemed they sold as fast as they were put in the papers (still true today it seems). im thinkin that a 2000-2001 model would be ideal, just because i really only have about 1K to spend. is there anything particular i should look for or check, just to make sure im not buying junk? thanks for your help!
see if it idles without having to touch the throttle, it should have compresion, the motor should not have cracks. there are tons of more stuff to look for
Welcome to the forum and good choice choosing to get a Blaster. They are without a doubt one of the best quads ever produced. I hope we can help answer any further question you might have.

As for when you go look at one before buying it, do a little test drive to make sure the engine has good compression and shifts through all gears no problems, and like previously stated if it idles its always a plus. Also feel out the brakes and check the motor for any cracks on the cases or where they split. And grab the wheels and givem a good tug to check the bushings and wheel bearings.
Welcome to the forum, and as you've previously heard... good choice on the Blaster. I think they covered everything. check for bends or cracks, deep rust. AND RIDE IT, check all of the gears. Listen to it...probably common knowledge, but if you hear it rattle, ask and see what the sound is.
Yea the other guys covered it though.

One more thing ask what engine work is done. If it's bored check and see if whoever did it did a good job. You've had a couple bikes though so you should be pretty well off
!!! pick up the front end and spin the front tires and makes sure bearings are good, and nothing is bent...like the AXLE......uhm, check the back, ride it...and no offence...but where is he gunna take it through all the gears in a test run..(for whoever said that) but yah, make sure you ride it, and make sure it idles...
Stryder917;8912...but where is he gunna take it through all the gears in a test run..(for whoever said that) but yah said:
I didn't say it but you could get up in RPM's and shift just to make sure they all work. You might not beable to get the RPM's high but if you think you can get through the gears, try.
Just don't stall it, cus that would be embarassingI:I
ah, sorry man, i read wrong, and Omg hell yah, thats embarassing! i was going to drag on my banshee, and i was really hyper and i just popped the clutch and stalled at a race, now that, is embarassing :O
lol one time i was at a mx race and the engine just died in mid air, it turned out that the petcock was off, so i quickely switched it on kicked her and after a lap i finally caught up to the rider