Wont stay running



I got a 2000 blaster in a box replaced just ablout everything in the engine. all new bearings, new crank , new weisco piston ,boysen power reeds , i bought stock piston at first, fried the rings scratched the cylinder it was bored before i got it and i didnt know. so i had th buy a new piston bore out to 68mm. but it wont stay running more than 3 min when it dies i wait 15sec starts right back up
and it runs for another 3 min. when its running it sounds perfect. when it dies it sounds like its out of fuel it bogs and dies any help and ideas would be appreaciated thanks
First off, I'd like to say "welcome aboard!"
Secondly, you may want to check this thread out: wont start04 - Yamaha Blaster Forum

Read through it. The user solved the problem at the end of the thread. As to whether or not your Blaster problem is related to this, I have no idea. The answer to it is on page 2.

Edit: that's likely not going to help you. Wait for the others to come on and help. :)
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it could be the same thing the needle seat valve isnt feeding the carb bowl fast enuff the bike burns up the fuel in the bowl then dies then restarts after the bowl fills again.

do this run the bike when it dies turn the off the fuel open up the bowl on the carb if its empty the needle seat valve is your problem but if its full may be something else.
Yes i had the same prob, got some dirt down into the valve in the carb it was only letting a lil gas by it, i could run it 2-3 minutes then it dies kept doing it, pulled the bowl off the carb turned the gas on an it flowed slowly out so i blew in the peice where the fuel line connects to on the carb an it felt stopped up so i cleaned it out blew a peice of something out of it with the airgun put it all back together an it ran like a beauty
works great

Thankyou there was a clog in the carb where the fuel goes in just before it fills the bowl runs great now.I:I