Why would you want to eliminate the T.O.R.S.



I have read in a couple of forums that people have been buying kits to remove the T.O.R.S. Why are the +'s to removing it?
The T.O.R.S. or Throttle OverRide System is wired to the ignition circuit. It is the metal box that sits on top of the carburetor. If the system should fail such as from a stuck throttle cable, the ignition circuit is grounded, and the engine is stopped. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not a rev limiter because it is impossible for it to measure crankshaft speed. In fact, it would be very difficult to overrev the Blaster because of it's short stroke and slow (stock) piston speed. I can't explain why anyone would want to remove it, except maybe to make room for something else under the seat. But then the throttle cable may not reach the carburetor. The only reason I can think of for removing it is that some hop-up shop wants to make a few extra bucks by selling a useless kit.
I have heard of reasons but cant remember off the top of my head. One I can come up with is that if you want to put a twist throttle on you may need to do the T.O.R.S. override system. as well as a new throttle cable