why race a blaster??

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May 15, 2007
ok so alot of people are gonna be like "dude WTF" but i don't care whats the point of racing a blaster in todays society? two strokes are dead technology even though i love them and I'm sure most here do and face it if your over the age of 18 finding a 200-350 class or something a blaster fits in is kinda hard.
i know personally around here if i were to race I'd have to run with the 450's due to my age so i ask. why bother making a blaster for the track? and yes mines built for the track and i plan to run it at practices and stuff but only to get back in the grove of racing so that next year i can bump up to a 450 and run with the big dogs so to speak. does anyone here actually race a blaster and if so what class do you run and how do you fair?
Well, because it's your ATV. Maybe if you owned a bigger ATV you would race it instead. It's whatcha got. BTW you can take out a 400EX with a Blaster; it's been proven many times.
Where's the proof? All races turn out different (depending on riders, etc.). We tested by shifting at the same times and the sixth gear on the Blaster is an advantage, as well as the light weight and top end speed. Out of all the street races (gravel road) the Blaster was ahead in the end by 1-4 ATV lengths. The mods were done the same (a/m exhaust). The 400EX beats the Blaster uphill and in the low end, whereas the Blaster beats the 400EX on the flats and the top end.
i may also point out, that in my whole entire life ... i have NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER seen a blaster ever kome klose to beating a 400ex, ive never seen a blaster give a 400ex a run for its money let alone beat it.. like i said your buddy needs to learn how to ride, and whats with the "shifting at the same time" deal... i think he feels bad for you

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i feel bad for you thinking that all bigger quads win i have raced a 300 and 400ex when my blaster was stock and i had no skill in riding i lost but when i got a .20 bore and my friend had a pipe i beat him and guess what my friend used to race so try to say that he has no riding skill, i will race my friend on video if it gets you to quit your whining. maybe you have never seen a blaster verus a 300ex becuz nobody wants to race in front of you becuz u complain and say "the blaster is small it will lose"
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