why do people diss blasters?


Mar 26, 2007
whut is up with people dissing blasters on other sites? they ain't that bad they are cheap and fast. just becasue people sit on their computer and diss thim it means they have no better quad that ur blaster.
Blaster's are cheap and looked at as an entry level quad. People with bigger quads hate them because sometimes the entry level beats the big boys.
ha ha yeah thats probably right, like when i beat a banshee he did not like me beating him, hes bout my age. he decided to try to punch me in the face he only made a bruise on my cheek but i did worse to him i busted his lip open and bruised his eye a little. one lesson for the bigger sized cc riders who do not like to get beaten deal with it or you might mess with the wrong person like me.

not braggin or anything lol just saying.
I get that kind of think all the time with my car. I drive a Honda Civic. People think that just because they are 4 cyl. that they are slow. Think again. Civics have huge potential. I know civics with over 400 wheel horsepower, coming from only 4 cyl., and they still get 30 miles to the gallon lol. People with big engines think thats all they need to win.
My WRX is making 220 wheels (all wheels that is), and 300ish crank.

I've beaten my share of V8's. A little turbo can go a looooong way
Ya no doubt that turbo is waaayyy more effective and efficient at producing big numbers... And the good thing about them is that you can increase your HP just by increasing boost and the size of the turbo. If your engine can handle it, there is almost no limit to how high you can go. Your engine only has to spool it lol.
that, and a little ecu work (timing, fuel maps, changing limiters and such), can really wake up a car.
There is nothing rice about my car

In fact I despise rice very highly. This is why civics get such a bad rap. Many civic owners do it to themselves, and the rest of the community by ricing thier cars up. I'm not saying they all do it, but the ones that do give them a very bad name.
yeah I get what ur sayin' and agree with ya, but I still dont like completly riced out cars
Cadillac and I have always dis-engaged ourselves from ricer talk. Not being mean or dis respectful, I just like the Northstar and high-style sedans. I prefer my Cadillac over any other car higher or lower. A BMW may be fun for drifting and such on occasion, but this is the USA, not Germany. I don't have tight parking to worry about. I'm Z-rated, BTW :) Oh, BTW you get more "wow" looks in a Lac than a Beamer or Cedes.

300HP V8 4.6 32V + Z-Rated = Unlimited Possibilities

The car stays clean, the quad stays dirty. The car loves runs, but the quad take the beatings. It's all good.
whut is up with people dissing blasters on other sites? they ain't that bad they are cheap and fast. just becasue people sit on their computer and diss thim it means they have no better quad that ur blaster.

their just mad because a 200cc blaster can do anything a banshee,450,250r,kfx700,etc........and if u think about it we can do it just as good as they can....they might be able to out run us....but they can jump....we can jump....they do stunts and so can we.......its basically mines better then urs...but most of the people that r like that actually dont take their quad outta 1st gear.....and for the record....i out jumped a 450 october 06 a silver lake
What i've seen makes me believe that more than anything, it's the reputation blasters get because the riders are generally younger kids. In their nature, younger kids have a strong tendency to be cocky and think they're the best at everything, with that know-everything and "i'll kick your ass" attitude. It's the kids with a blaster that go around talking it up like it's the most badass quad ever built that give the rest of you blaster owners a bad rep. They're not a bad little bike, but you can't go around with an entry-level machine, talking it up like it'll whoop up on raptors, and expect to be taken seriously. It's not just blasters, kids with 250ex's and z250's seem to be a little too cocky as well.

One other thing that bugs me is when someone that has one tells everyone else they need to get one. (again, this is just a select few out of all blaster owners, dragging the rest of you guys down with them). I notice this on other forums, like atvconnection, all the time.
i understand what ur saying....but like me....my older brother has a banshee and a Vforce.....the shee is heavily modded and the vforce has pipes....i can run wiht the vforce but he talks his banshee up like its unbeatable....but in a 300ft drag i give him a run for his money....and yes i am on a blaster....all it is...is 95% rider and 5% quad.....i can beat him in anything else......but he talks blasters down but yet...he's not the greatest rider....and a lot of people r like that to...and yes it does piss me off too because not everyone who has a blaster is gonna jump out of the way of a banshee or a bigger quad...theres no reason for it...we all own quads no ones better then anyone else because someones gotta bigger motor.but no matter what u'll always have some type of ahole where ever u go
i agree, you just cant suggest all younger kids that ride a blaster are cocky. my cousin has a blaster and hes only 9 or 10 he never ever says his blaster can beat anything he only races and proves it. most of the reason people buy blasters is becasue they are cheap and it does not take much to awaken the beast inside of the blaster.
I'm not saying that all younger kids are cocky. It only takes a few out of a group to get a bad image like that. Honda civics are another perfect example. You got the guys with a honda civic with intake, exhaust, rims, and a mis-matched body kit, talking it up and trying to race anybody. I loved my escort gt because it was just your basic ho-hum looking hatchback ford, but it would put a civic in it's place and just embarrass the little punks. And is it every honda owner that's like that? Absolutely not, not by a long shot. Everybody drives honda civics. Old ladies, soccer moms, everybody. Yet when somebody says honda civic, my mind goes straight to the teenage kid with his 93 4 door civic, with primer gray bumpers, a spoiler that looks like it fell off an airplane, and the fart cannon exhaust, revving his engine beside you at a stoplight.