Where do I start


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Jan 4, 2022
Ok finally have a oem cylinder and head yay for me no more China junk!!! The last motor I think I messed up myself by trying to tune the carb and changing out jets ALOT trying to find the perfect mixture...So my point and question is idk where to start when it comes to pilot jets size and main jet size..the motor is bored .80 over and ported externally it has fmf fatty pipe stage 4 reeds from vforce I'm running a open air box that's about it I believe when it comes to aftermarket and where I live the temp is in a range of 28 to 55 degrees so where do I start thanks in advance for helping
Start big and work your way down. FMF calls for a 270. Sea level, 70* , all else stock except snorkel . I’d start with buying 320-300 to start with. Needle middle clip, 1 1/2 turns out.
Look in engine section under carburetor for “What Jets are you using “ look for similar setup