What's For Breakfast?


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Apr 1, 2007
Just trying to get everyone's taste here...
What do you have for normally breakfast?

I used to eat Cheerios, then Cinnamon Toast Crunch, way back it was PB&J, but now it's a blend of Fiber One, Oats, and misc. Granolas. Add a little honey and it tastes freakin' great! Best of all, it's healthy! The taste, as mentioned above, is second-to-none.

I've had my share of waffles. I:I
I still eat waffles, pancakes, eggs, and bacon with orange juice every so often.

Your turn...
usually oranges, toast and jam, some fried eggs. but if i'm in a hurry i have life ceral. if i'm crabby or tired i have some coffee.
i only eat it because i used to eat it when i was little,plus i kinda like the taste. some other people might not.
this is.................... a very very very far off topic thread lbwd, but i guess thats what this site is for, but me... i eat nothing for breakfast, maybe thats why im so pissy all the time, Eh? lol j/k
No breakfast?
That's bad. If you skip meals all the time, your body starts to "eat" your muscle.
I won't point anything out, but if your interested then Google it.

Cochise, that's why this is in the "Off Topic" section.
i only work at my uncles auto shop, and some farm stuff, i eat breakfast every morning and my muscles are huge!!!! i can lift stuff that my friend can't!!!! and my friend works at a construction site with his dad he NEVER eats breakfast, why else would i be stronger than him? nope not steriods lol!
so eat your breakfast.

ohh also chicks dig strong muscles
see ive heard about this, but i guess ive gotten lucky, i dont eat breakfast at all, and i dont eat lunch or dinner every single day either, but ive still got "the guns" but when i eat i eat my fair share dont worry, but i keep active, i do the same as dirtyblaster, i work on kars and ride my quad and just keep active