What could be wrong with my clutch?



when my atv is not running I can shift the gears without pressing the clutch. Should this be happening? Do i need to replace something inside the trans?
Thanks, thats a huge relief. Thanks again for all the great info on my other posts!I:II:I
also, does it matter that when the atv is off and i press the clutch lever in it doesnt release the gear and put it into "neutral"? basically, even when i push the clutch lever in i cant push the bike becuase it stays in gear.
Well it's always hard to get a quad into neutral when holding the clutch in when it's not running, i always leave the clutch out when the quad is off an rock it a lil while shifting it into neutral, always goes right in with no prob.
Generally I like to *click the shifter all the way down and do a *half click up to get it into neutral. Just remember to try and rock the quad back and forth to make sure its in neutral as stated by BlasterFreak.

Hope this helps.
Thanks. It goes in neutral fine when i put it into neutral with the shifter. I meant, for example, if it were in 4th gear or 5th gear and i hold the clutch in it doesnt release the gear. thats what i meant by neutral. So, then my question would be is this bad. My neutral gear is perfect, i just cant get the clutch to release the gear when i push it in (and its not on)
OK, i just got worried when i was at the yamaha dealership and when i pressed those clutches in they went into a neutral position (even if it wasnt in nuetral)