wd 40 on pipe


Mar 26, 2007
my friend who usually gets his banshee muddy all the time says that after you wash you quad u are supposed to use wd 40 on the pipe but istn't it flammable?
It will not hurt the pipe if you wipe off the excess before starting it up. the residue will burn off may smoke a little. I would not spray it on a hot pipe though or while its running, it might flash on you.
lol i'm not that stupid to put a flammable liquid on a hot surface.

he says that spraying wd 40 on ur pipe makes a protective coat agianst rust
short term

It does coat it and protect. I use it on guns with great results. If I am going to store the gun for say a year, I use heavier oil as the thin WD40 (fish oil is the magic, BTW) will dissipate after awhile. It also kicks ass in removing stickers/glue residue.

I use to use WD40 to clean my pipe after a hard muddy, dusty, dirty ride. Not on a hot pipe though but not cool either. Worked great, make a note this was my stock pipe, I will not do it on chrome though (no reason really)
I have a quick question here pls respond if you know.

If I want to change the header on my blaster do i have to do anything else to the engine?
i know someone who uses wd-40 on their plastic! is that safe? i use the armoral gel, but cooking oil works good on the motor in the summer when its hot, cause once the mud bakes on your motor its a biotch to get off!
aye "tito" all you would have to do is re jet maybe. if its jus the header piece then i dont think you need to do anything