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Aug 26, 2007
hello my name is josh and i finally got my first quad finally about a month ago and i love it already but im already on my 3 rd piston ive had a few problems wich is why im here becuase i really need help now so if you guys would give your opinoins it would be very appreciated thnx
Hey, nice Blasters are good starting quads. Are you riding at really high RPM's?
Well Your problem may be in when your shifting. If you don't do it soon enough you can and probably will overrev and blow it. I've never had a problem with shifting or timing, but I'm guessing this would be your problem. I would think this is the most common way to blow. (I'm fairly new with the whole sene as well, so I don't know if it's the right answer but I would think that is it) You could try to loosen up your throttle cable a bit as well. I noticed that when i tightened it I got right up the RPM's real quick.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here.
i had the same prob

dude i had the same prob i got my first race quad on x-mas day and i blew the piston that day then i blew it on easter mabe your runnin lean whats your fuel mixture????
sry it took so long to reply but been workin on it but it was lean becuase i think it was when i bought it bit just a little and the first time it blew up i was a retard and put reeds in it and didnt think about checking the mixture but this is my first quad and iv already learned alot so i guess it was worth it and now im hoping i have all the probs out of the way so now i should be good thanx for the advice