wanted: pipe setup



Im looking for a used blaster pipe and silencer in good condition i want a lrd or somthing. post what you have

i have an fmf fatty and pro core 2 silencer i need to get rid of for the right price
wasnt really looking for fmf but whats the condition and how much are you looking for?
not a dent on it but kindof lost its shine.....i will try to polish up real good for you if you want....they for for like $380-$400 new for both so $200 sound fair? i'm not really sure what they go for used but that sounds good
The FMF may not be the best, but it will add some power.
I moved this thread here so that you will have better luck.
mm well they are brand new for $285 On EBay

And id rather spend $80 more for a new one. Id buy it for $120 if its in good condition...im looking for a deal so idk. and thanks for moving my thread.
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