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May 11, 2007
Ok here is what you may do, vote for the quad that looks best, you may not vote for your own bike. thank you all voters. it would also be nice if you gave a description of why you thought there bike looked best (that's optional)

Click here for pics of the quads

QUAD OF THE MONTH - Yamaha Blaster Forum
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that red frame is just to sweet. im hyped to start putting mad money into my bike!
haha i voted for myself i did'nt want to vote for the others and that bloody 4 poker don't like those bikes jk lol lol
i voted for jamie cuz i feal sorry for him, haha he has to go through life talkin like this "ehh mates, put anotha shrimp on the barby eh!" haha jk jamie
LOL - Everyone's picking on the one-and-only genuine Australian member. We like you, Jamie. "You like us too, eh, Jamie, right mate? Invite me ova mate and I'll help you put anotha on the barby eh. Sound likea plan, mate?" :) Laugh with me pawtna! :-D

Wait... that last part was more like New Joysey, the state.
hahahahahaa I love you's all f*ck this site im not coming back so f*ck u's all,dirty yanks
u's have been watching too much tv f*ckers u got australia all wrong,its a actually a peaceful country unlike your sh*tty country can't even walk out at night without getting shot at by a black guy,so f*ck u's MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u's just lost your self a member,if i ever see a yank ever in my street i am now gonna go belt the f*ck outta the yank.....................
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its still a good place to live though, each car or truck i seem to go past either has a confederate flag on a pole or a redneck decal in the back windsheild there are only like 3 or 2 black kids in my school. alright i don't wanna hijack this thread.

we we not get shot if we go outside, i personally think russia's more messed up.

jamie when the hell did we say that australia ain't peacefull? we never said anything bout where you live we are JUST PLAYING WITH YOU if u don't like it tell us to stop.
and there are young kids with fragile minds on here except me :) i ain't fragile or young i already feel old as moses.
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