Vito's 3mm Stroker crank with bearings

It was put in the motor and the motor was kicked over 3 times then the kickstarter case snapped . So i stripped the DT200 Setup. So it ran for 2min at max peg full of oil.
Yeah plus bearings which are 40-50 so thats 210-220us plus shipping.

This was in the motor for a run up. But on the DT200 motors the kickstarter broke. So i went to kick it over and the housing broke. So i stripped the motor.

And please reframe from bashing my for sale thread thanks

Hey guys sorry i just got out of the hospital was in there for 3 weeks.

Yes its still for sale. Knock $20 bucks off the price so $135us shipped to you or who ever wants it.

Email me

I am unable to walk my parents can ship out monday am or tomorrow.

I have a 34mm cab and other parts if u are interested.

i'll take it if it isn't sold.
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I would do the crank and 34mm Carb for $230us shipped for both if anyone is interested.