Tunes that make ya wanna ride


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May 15, 2007
i noticed there wasnt a topic for this so here.

if you had to name five songs that make you wanna ride every time you here them what would they be?

heres mine.
1."matchbook" by strung out
2."say this sooner" by the almost
3."anthem" by zebrahead
4."piece by piece" by strata
5."worth dying for" by rise against
ahh yes this is an awesome topic, heres mine

1. The almost - Say this sooner
2. Strata - Piece by Piece
3. In flames - The quiet Place
4. Diecast - Hourglass
5. Metallica - Battery
Bout time some one got one of these up. Aright mine are

Suicide note pt 2 - Pantera
f*cking hostile - Pantera
Battery - Metallica (I gotta agree with cochise here that song kicks ass)
Blackend - Metallica
Floods - Pantera
Damn, I can't stand hard rock, metal rock, or whatever all that is...
Too loud, too many cymbals, too many high-pitched tones and not enough bass.
It reminds me of a boring day. Sorry.

It shakes my brains out and literally makes me feel like sh*t. Makes my jaw hurt too. I am fine with hip-hop, rock, oldies, soft rock, rap, jazz, funk, some alternative, techno, whatever else.
Dam dude whenever I feel like sh*t I just put in some pantera and it all goes away but I respect your opinion.
i gotta side with Lbwd on this one i'm not much of a metal guy myself i prefer the punk/hiphop/some of the better emo bands/ and pop punk/ theres a few raps songs that arent bad
i don't have any song that makes me want to ride, but i do have a sound the sound is........ the sound of a race pipe!!!!!!!!!
^^^^ this to me also makes sense, when i hear the kids rip past my house on there piped EXs, i just gotta go chase them, plus when im feeling krazy i ride my quad to save from speeding tickets, and other traffic violations in my car or my truck, BTW anyone have a radio/heater control trim panel of a third gen Firebird/Camaro?