Trenga 195er Cylinder + 30er Mikuni Carb


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Aug 12, 2007
Germany, near Ulm

I'm from Germany and new in this forum. In Germany nobody can really help me with my probs.

I destroyed my stock cylinder and bought a 225er Airsal, 2 months later the piston was to hot and killed itself and the nicasil cylinder...:(.

So i bought the 195er Trenga and jetted my carb with a 250er jet. The 500KMs for quiet riding are now done, so I can give more POWER! I bought me the 30er Mikuni TMX and made a 15mm reedspacer for a better fitting. I still ride the stock pipe and exhaust, and my air filter is also stock.

Now, how big must the jet be about? There wasn't any jet built in and I don'
t want to buy 10 jets...=)).

How many mm can I port the cylinder head? I'm riding 95er octan fuel or can change in a 98er.

Is it necessary to change the pipe, exhaust and air filter for a good performance? This parts are in Germany very expensive and rare (about 500-600 $).

hi, i do not know much about jettign but the other members will.

but i know how u can get easy hp u can remove the airbox lid which will give ya more air flow. a pipe is not required but the will really wake the beast withen that blaster go with an uni filter for a filter

wait u have a blaster right????
Hi dirtyblaster,

Yes, I ride a '03 Blaster. Is a UNI filter better than a K&N? I must keep the airbox lid, cause in Germany the cops don't like loud crying Quads, I must be under 86 dB!

My Nic is a mixture from my earlier Quad, a SMC 250 Barossa and my long barth.

well i had a bad experience with k&n i put it on like really tight so stuff wouldn't get in but after like an hour of riding my blaster started acting sh*tty so i take the k&n filter off and find alot of dust in my airbox and my filter so go with a foam filter such as uni, if you do not want to spend the 20 bucks on an uni u cna always get readyfilter wich are being sold for like 7 bucks and they are preoiled before they ship to ya. 86db???????? thats nuts! here the limit is 96
The generell limit isn't 86dB, but in my quad dokuments are 86 dB registered. And when I ride with 96dB, the cops hear the difference and I can pay.
Is every performance filter (Uni-Air, K&N, Twin-Air etc) better than the stock one?

P.S.: its cracy, but my wife's atv has 99dB registered...
yes aftermarket filters are better than the stock filter. lol my blaster is pretty loud my neighbors whine all day

it's a really good page with needful pics!! But I still ride the stock carb with a 250er jet.
I only want to know if I need a 280er jet or a 340er jet when I change the 26mm carb in a 30mm carb!

ahh the best way to find out is by reading your spark plug tip and the jets are only like 3 bucks dude

one jet is nearly 5$ in Germany, and I don't know if I need 260 or 340!!! If I should buy 9 mainjets and 5 or 6 powerjets, I have to pay 75$! And at the end, I only need 2 ones for 10$ - I have at the moment no money to waste!:(
ok well everybodys quad requires a different jet so its imposible to determine the right size. but i think 280 would work with a 30mm carb.

for example pretend you have two blaster with the same mods and tuning but one blaster rides in cold weather the other rides in hot weather, and the two weathers have different evaluations so it would be difficult to tell.