TORS removal , only part of it..


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Oct 29, 2007
tors is off and now she idles, like it's on fire. To get down enough to not go grenade the pilot/air/whatever it's called is all the way in and then a smidgin loose. Idles pretty good, now. Bottom end in 1st is poor, i can pull wheelies going into third and I can't get outta 4th on my little court, but it's doing well up top. Still need to weed through her. Considering it's parts from 3 Blasters and a new piston, I guess I'm lucky so far. Should be able to start the build on the second (mine) next week. Still need some handlebars and sh*t, though.

I have a bottom coming from TJ, got a 4mm Hot Rods stroker, a Vito's 240 cyl. kit, 34mm Keihin carbasaurus and other small things.

Should be a good motor for me to put around on for awhile.

Will the stock clutch be able to hang with these mods?

Im very intrested in how the 240 kit and the 35mm carb works out for im willing to spend the money if the power gains are worth it..