Toomey B1 question



First of all whats up everyone? I have a 2004 blaster that my girlfriend rides and i decided to buy a Tommey B1 kit after reading all of your reviews on this forum. I got the kit and this weekend put on the pipe and silencer but i did not have time to get to the re-jet or air box upgrade, will it be ok to ride it like this for now or do i need to wait until i re-jet to ride it. The rest of the engine is stock. Thanks in advance for your help.


You can leave the lid off if you have a foam air filter. You gotta re-jet or she will burn up.

REJET. You may not notice the damage caused by the lean jet if you only do it for a week or so and then jet. But their will be damage and it will decrease the lifespan of you piston, rings and cylinder substantially.
Post Re-jet

Ok i made time to do the rejet and the air box yesterday, wow what a difference. It was definetely worth the time and money. Great kit with great results. The re-jetting took a little bit of guess work as the directions did not come with any pictures to help guide me but with the help of a mechanic buddy of mine we figured it out.

I will try and get some pics up soon.

Thanks for your help!