today was cr*p

Jul 5, 2007
today me and a mate were out on our quads near where i live in some fields and when we were on the way back some people come out of their houses that back on to the fields and jumped in front of me made me stop take my helmet off and gave me an ear full about u shouldn't be on this land when it isn't theirs anyway and the cops r on the way so we start hauling ass back to my place got in and put the quads away and just waiting 4 the cops now.

so i may have to drive for an hour or so to get 2 a place where we can ride now and get a tow bar fitted onto the car

we were about a mile from the people's houses and they only see us when we are on the way there and back and they rang the cops for it
they say that its bevause of the dust but farmers drive up there and make a lot more dust and i drive like a mile away from them and they only see me on the way there and on the way back for like 5 seconds

the cops didn't come so i am going again in a day or so and see what happends
We all have those neighbors, my neigbors have had the cops come to my house. I feel your pain.
cheers most of my neighbors are cool with my quad but these new people who moved in hate it so i may buy the field in front of them and see what they do then lol
I just moved in here so my situation is backwards from yours.
out here nobody really cares were you ride as long as they dont fine big ruts in there yard lol, we did have the cops called once becouse we started up our 600hp ford with open headers at 11
Some people are mean like that. I hate when people get so ticked off at those who ride ATV's. It seems like they have nothing better to do. I remember a time when I was riding down the powerlines and there are two places where you must cross the street because old train tracks used to run throu. My brother and I were waiting to cross the road and this jerk in a fancy car stops in front of us. He says "Hey, get off the bikes, privite property." We are like no way it is not privite property.(It really isn't private) The guy is like:"Yes it is and I know more about it than you ever will. This land belongs to the electric company." Then I say: "Really, I guess I'll have to ask my dad about that one, because he works there" The guy just looks at me and takes off. He knew he was out smarted.
lol i hate people who do that if people like yell at m e for riding somewhere all i do is flip them off i'm not trying to give a ban name to us but these people need to shut their damn mouths
when people yell at me i piont at my pipe then my ear and yell i cant here you and rev-er-up lol
when i get my trike the neighbours r gonna b pissed i will b down the park learning how to ride the damm thing until the cops come!!!!