those little light things..



I have a 1999 blaster and I hate the big headlight. I saw this one guy with tiny little lights. Where do i get a kit or something?
Ya you can even pick some up at hardware stores. Ebay is probably your best bet for finding some cheap lights. It will probably require some custom fabrication but other than that it should be an easy install.
ha ha ha ha ha lol why do you need lights? just take the big ugly one off and your finish unless you do night riding like me which will annoy your neighbors.
I like having lights. You never know when you want to ride at night. I love it. Until you crash into a tree like me lol...
hmmmm i drifted into my bros car sideways, i ended up with a bent axle and broken tie rods. so lights are useful if u ride at night but its better to leave them on at all times because blasters have no battery so it does not cost any energy. but doesn't it use more gas for the lights?
Go to Walmart and pick up a set on the cheap, they will work just the same as the expensive one
I hate how it dims when I let up off the throttle. I have an idea though... starting another thread for it...