this exxhaust

yea thats why i was wonderin have anybody heard of this

but im still getting factory 7 or lrd wat is the difference between the 2
I belive that the facory 7 pipe is just the CT pipe and silencer. Someone correct me if Im wrong.

The LRD is suppose to be the best, I love mine. CT not to shabby either meaning the F7 is good also.

Ive had experience with LRD, FMF, DG, Toomey, and Paul Turner.

my 0.02 stay away from FMF and DG. LRD is the best followed by Paul Turner, then toomey (out of the pipes Ive used)
Trenga racing exhaust is made by LRD and is not a bad price for triple plated chrome...or something like that...they have a large selection on their site.
I've no clue why people down the FMF i do have a right to stand up for it since i own one. It's a great pipe for a stock to slightly modded motor, with my setup minus the 18 inch tires i was running 20 inch slicks i whooped a piped z400 in a 1/8th mile drag run an we was using a pro tree, i wheelied off the start so he got the hole shot but i caught him an beat him by half a tire lenght it would have been more if i could have kept the front on the ground on take off.
FMF, hu well I only say stay away from it for the mere fact that there is more bang for your buck in other products.

Its an ok pipe, deff. better than stock. Id never run it again though simply b/c for a little more $$ you can have some thing that is better. For someone on a budget its good though.
I understand it's not one of the best but you need to pick a pipe depending on what your gonna do.

Like just don't go an buy a pipe because other people say it's good, you need to pick it based on what you plan on doing with your quad.
yea aint kno need to have top end if u cant do it

and this is quick tip if i get in front of u, u aint gettin bac unless u wrec me or somthin
Lmao! unless we wreck you? hey man i wouldn't be saying that because all you have is a sprocket most of use have motor work. I think we can take off a lil faster then you do. Lol

Yea topend pipes are usually for drag racing.
i didnt mean people out of my league i kno yall would i hope yall would as much money yall got into them i meant people like stock honda polaris and all kind of other stuff

my friend thinks he can beat me with a 220 bayou lol
yea right if i beat a suzuki 125 dirtbike i kno i can beat a heavy 220 bayou

wat does Lmao mean