The New Guy



Hey guys/gals. My name is Glen and I am new to the 4-Wheeler scene... I have been working on cars since I was 5 years old working with my dad who was a mechanic for 37 years and owned his own shop for 10 years. I have been mainly working on Classic Cars and Muscle Cars and havent gotten that far in depth with todays Computer Controlled Nonsense... I am also big into building Mud Trucks and soon will be working on my own so I can start mudding with the rest of my buddies. All of my family is invloved in Racing, Mechanics, or work on Race Teams in New England. I plan on building my 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS and go Drag Racing. In all that time I've been working on cars, I have never touched a 4-Wheeler or ATV. The first 4-Wheeler I rode was a Honda Rancher 400. Then a Polaris Sportsmen 400, and then a Raptor 350, but they were all friends 4-Wheelers. The Blaster is my 1st 4 Wheeler that I have personally owned. Right now it has a bad transmission and needs some TLC but I only bought it for $100 so I cant go wrong. I plan to slowly restore and build her up and put some mods on it. I will be getting some pics and hope to spend time here and get to know everybody.
Hey, well looks sounds like you got everything under control. If you ever need anything just ask, there's plenty of guys that'll help.
Welcome to the forum and good choice choosing to get a Blaster. They are without a doubt one of the best quads ever produced. I hope we can help answer any further question you might have.
HEY!!!! WELCOME!!! OO LOOK I THINK THIS IS FINALLY NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO ASK 1 QUESTION AND NEVER TALK TO US AGAIN!!!! lol sorry i hate when that happens Seriously though, welcome, and we will try to answer any q's you may have, and just talk to us! lol
Thanks for the welcome guys. I plan to be around for awhile:)