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May 11, 2007
Just some things for sale still

Front Fenders (black not broken anywhere)
Front hood (black great shape)
Keyswitch with key
2 rear shocks both great condition an working order 1 is brand new (one has yellow spring other has silver, one with silver spring is brand new)
Lower a arm (forget which side but needs bushing i took them out)
Gas tank
Swingarm (has 2 small holes drilled in it)
Front bumper in great shape (not bent)
I've got someone else interested in the hood let me see if he wants it before i can give you an answer on if it's sold or not.

20 bucks for the bumper shipped sound good? (it also comes with that lil black peice that says yamaha)

Ohh an by the way i can get pics at anytime just let me know.
I will let you have it the keyswitch with key an the key holder an front bumper all for 35 shipped, let me go get pics of all the stuff i have for sale.
Here is a pic of the stuff i have, i also forgot i have a complete wiring harness with the CDI box for sale.

100 takes it all plus 20 for shipping so 120 shipped takes all this, also comes with another hood an keyswitch.

All this is well worth more i just need it gone.

Or if you want to seperate it's 15 dollars for anything plus shipping