If u mean by "what parts should I start buying to make my Blaster faster" I'd say the answer is relatively simple.

First I'd start out with an aftermarket exhaust, for that a moderatly priced one to go with would be a Pro Circuit pipe/silencer combo. That will waken up your Blaster motor. But with all that FREE FLOWING EXHAUST its expected to help your Blaster breath more to help keep up with ur new exhaust with an aftermarket AIRFILTER. As for that i'd go with a K&N filter which seems to be the most prefered.

And if u still have a few dollars to spare, an aftermarket set of reeds can help deliever fuel quicker to your Engine, thus providing more throttle response along with the said mods.

Hope this helps.
Don't think they're too hard to put in, just remove the carb to have access to the reed cage, then remove it and remove the reed and put new one in. Put back everything together.