seized engine



On thursday i installed my toomey exhaust did the carb jettingI:II:I. I didnt use the toomey airfilter i used a k and n with outerware. went to limestone on saturday. Seized engine on monday:(:(. The engine seized on the exhaust port side. I also have a reed spacer installed. took cyclinder to machine shop they said they will have to bore it a little what jet should i be running so i dont do this again. the shop might bore it to 10 20 or 40 over i dont know yet they havent called me. I guess i was running to lean any help so i dont do tis again would be great???
I dont think you can say you were running lean just yet.

You said that it seized on the exhaust port side. This tells me that the piston ring probablly got cought on the exhost port, if this is the scenario its not b/c you were too lean.

Was the topend rebuilt recently? If not how long since a topend rebuild?

While running the blaster were you experiencing lean conditions?
the blaster is an 06 never rebuilt but not much time on it. I got it this winter as a leftover from a dealer. what happened was i was running in 6th at half or just below half throttle. then enginge gave out like there was no gas. Havent been experiencing and lean conditions.
"When running an engine at full throttle for extended periods be sure to chop the throttle decisively to slow down, just rolling out a little can seize a well jetted engine."

Quote from CT racing web.

Not saying this is what happend but maybe.