Reeds in the scheme..


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Oct 29, 2007
In basic terms, the reed cage is the "intake manifold". So you have the 4 srcew square hole as an inlet. Seems pretty easy to make a cage that then adapts to say a 40mm hole. You can then have any size reducer to accomodate whatever, hell you could do a "Y" and run 2 carbs. I've made some intake and exhaust stuff before, would this be a cool thing?

I can put the reeds closer or farther from the carb or the head. Increasing or decreasing the intake runner volume. This will play with the scavaging effect, too.

While I ain't gonna do all the math and make a business out of this, what you guys run into in this area?

That $100 adapter to just mount a fat carb pissed me off.