rear shock!!!! wont budge!


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Nov 8, 2007
Stripped my blaster down for re spray and re build (its never worked) so nothing to lose=)) The frame is striped down but i cant remove the top bolt on the rear shock any ideas? the bolt turns but wont un do even as nut is removed and hit hard fron the side

any help would be good
put a socket on the bolt turn to the left slowly while pulling a little and it should screw right out
Also try to get somethng thin in there like a flat head screw driver, unless you have a punch set which is what would be ideal.. and tap it with a should come rite out..
It just wont budge. It seems to be well in. Ill leave it in wd40 oil over night agian and get a punch set!! Im glad its not molded to the shock tho if all fails ill chop it off! Lol...