I'm thinking of selling it. I was trying to kick it over today and It'll start..only if I leave it there for awhile with the gas off. It has to sit there for like 3 days just for it to start for 2 minutes. I was listening to the engine and it sounds like something was just kind of rattling inside. I'm not confident enough withself to actually start tearin into it. What does a good engine look like inside? The carb had gasoline in the air intake part of it. I don't if this is suposed to happen, I'm gunna guess not.
It has good compression. I also tore the TORS wires out of the tors. is there a way for me to completely take out the TORS, not just go around it. I think it's the TORS. I'm talking about the thing right above the carb, there's a giant "thing" above the carb and I accidentaly tore the wires out of it. I know there's a tutorial, please don't tell me again, I haven't seen this object in the tutorial. This just sucks, big time, cus i don't f*ckin know what I'm doing. I just want to get it started so I can start moddin it.
On the upside I cleaned the damned thing so well it hurts to look at it in the sun.
if you dont know what you're doing i would just suggest taking it to a dealership and have it fixed right so you dont screw anything up. sometimes thats just the way sh*t goes.
if your getting gas in the airbox its flooded check your plug if its wet get it dry put it back in shut off your fuel on the way bottom left side of your carb theres a hose w a screw turn it counterclockwise(left) till you see gas comming after 3 seconds or 4 tighten it back up try kicking it till it fires when it fires turn the gas back on dont use choke at all that will only cause it to flood more if this dont work then bring it to the shop your best bet will b is getting a claymer manual on your blaster