packing my pipes



hello guys, question is i just took steel wool and navy gel to exaust pipe to remove rust (looks so much better(Pro Circuit Platinum Pipes)). and the silencer was packed with what looked like insulation tied with metal string. i read i should pack it with steel wool. wondering if this was correct or should i put what came out back in. thanks
Put some 2 stroke packing in there. The best stuff is the stringy kind. Let me know if you need some.
what is 2 stroke packing i have never seen this before. which would be better to use. or would it matter. pittboss45 how much would you sell some for cause i dont know where to get any.
what does packing do anyway? seems like insulation would dampen sound but not absorb it and steel wool would absorb it just a little (like thats the better one to use) but then it might just create a small amount ot turbulance (just a small amount (but then again im not looking to cause any airflow restrictions at all or whats the point of replacing it)) i think this thread needs some braines behind it. i found 2 stroke packing at my local yamaha dealer for $27 but thinking about saving money to use for my bearing sets and do this later. both of my front arms bearings are shot rear axle and swingarm (last owner treated this blaster like sh*t and wreaked alot). i have stripped it completly down and im painting it and replacing all bearings, handle bars, ect. going to give this machine a good home and let it grow on my boys until they are ready for a banchee. man i get my new nerf bars tomorrow. they are sweet comes with double foot pegs.
re packing only applies to aftermarket pipes, fmf packing is fiberglass shreds (i personally think fmf packing is a waste) packing is what surrounds the core inside of the muffler and helps quite it down so its not unreasonably loud, it also helps with back pressure. if the old packing gets saturdated with oil it will just break apart and become louder than usually. it could also help a little with bogging

from my experiance steel wool works best, lastes longer than any other packing i have used, my LRD muffler has steel wool like others have menitioned the day i packed it with steel wool was about 10 months ago and its still not due for a repack ohh and steel wool is only 4 bucks for two bags (much cheaper than others)
The FMF 2 stroke packing is $10.00, the stringy stuffis $20.00 This stuff is very hard to burn. Steel wool will ignite under the right circumstances.
if you would look at my silencer with the endcap off it will still have as much as it had before. idk
-The FMF 2 stroke packing is $10.00, the stringy stuffis $20.00 This stuff is very hard to burn. Steel wool will ignite under the right circumstances-

yea like a 9 volt batt.
Good point about the steel wool. Just preignite it hehehe. I think $10 is cheap to have the correct silencer packing. Just my opinion.
ingition will not do anything to steel wool, heat won't do sh1t, the only thing that will ingite steel wool is flame, sparks will not ingite steel wool either lol