oil spurting????



i am getting a spurting from right under my handle bars, i followed the tube thing its comming from and looks like it goes to the carb. i am not a mech and my uncle told me a bad story bout a blaster he had and suggested taking the auto fuel oil mixer pump thing off, witch he did, but that was when i first bought it a few nonths back and have had no problems with mixing the fuel myself. any ideas would be helpful
sounds like your talking about the crank case breather tube. Its routed from the top of your crank case up by your carb (thats why you prob think it may be coming from the carb) and out under your handlebars.

You might have filled your transmission with too much oil.
its your crankcase breathing tube...i had that happen...becuz i put a little too much oil in trans....(its not my fault..its the funnel's fault..cuz im never wrong :D) but yeah, if you put too much trans oil in, it goes ...*BLURP* through the tube, i moved mine from under my handle bars, to the opening in front of the rear axle so it spews on the ground, not everything up front lol
Yeah i had the same thing happen. Made a lot of smoke when it hit the pipe. I though i had toasted the thing cause the smoke looked like it was coming right of the cylinder, lol
yea its happened to me, and i was like, wat the crap, i still have the fenders on it where the oil made melt marks in my fender lol