Noob with early 90's blaster


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Jun 15, 2007
I am an noobie to the atv / dirtbike world. My step daughter has a yamaha yz 250F and my 5 year old daughter was just bought a honda crf 50. I need something so I cna play as well. ( I also own a yamaha sx230 jet boat)
I have played with and rebuilt many car engines and mechanically inclined. I bought an early 90's blaster and need some advice and questions answered.

Blaster needs some TLC. The rear caliper is missing and the front brake cable is gone( one side). It needs some cosmetic stuff but nothing heavy duty. The bike starts easy and it smokes alot ( I mean alot). I am assuming it could be because the carb is zipped tied together and is sucking in air but could there be another reason?? Also the bike wont shift past 2nd gear. Clutch appears to be fine . Could this be related to too much oil in the crank?

If I do a compression test, what would be the the range of compression. There is no smoke coming from the crank case and dont know if I can eliminate the rings?I dont mind doing a top half rebuild but I am not looking to create additional work. The oil injection is gone and I was told the premix is 32:1.
The owner of this quad only had it for a few months( he owns a warrior and other blaster and didn't want this one) so I dont know the history of the atv.

How do i identify this bike as far as production year or as I can tell it really doesn't matter due to the wide range of interchangeable parts. Can the serial number reveal this info?

Can anyone answer these questions based on their own personal experinces?
it could be the rings or piston, for your shifting past 2nd gear question it could be bent shifting forks or the person who used to own it rode it like an old lady and screwed the transmission. just my opininion.
First of all drain your gas put fresh gas in it run 50:1 see what happens if it still smokes heavy do a topend rebuild compression should be around 120 -140
First of all drain your gas put fresh gas in it run 50:1 see what happens if it still smokes heavy do a topend rebuild compression should be around 120 -140

50:1 hum I dont think so. that would lean it out way too much.

Remember 2 strokes smoke alot, until they are warmed up. 120-140 sounds right for compression. (get yourself a repair manual off ebay though very helpful)

If it fails compression just pull the head (its easy) and check out your cylinder walls, maybe pull the pipe and look through the exhost port to see how the rings look. Top end rebuild is simple.

As far as the zip ties on the carb. Id replace them with aluminum radiator hose clamps the kind that you can tighten or loosen with a screwdriver.

Wont shift past 2nd gear could be your biggest problem. Deffinetly make sure you have the right amount of tranny oil first, drain some if its too full. Worst case cenario is that the internal shift forks are bent.

Try to shift if throgh gears with out it running, will it go past 2nd then?
The zip tied carb is because the cap on the carb is stripped out my friends did that and he did the same thing check the threads on the cap you might just need a new cap or a new carb if the body threads are stripped also hope this helps