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Apr 15, 2007
this is my 01 blaster. seems pretty stock, but it still fun. brokie my ankle a year and half ago on my YZ250, and just now getting back into it. don't have any big plans for it other than some new tires and maybe a pipe/slip on. we do alot of trail riding, so big power is not needed. i am coming from my wifes polaris pheonix wich is a belt drive now shifting four poke, so this this is leaps and bond beyond that.

EDIT, well shoot, picture are too big right now. i need to head to work, so i will resize them and post them tonight.


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You may not need big power, but 40hp is duable with the right mods on these bikes. People just dont like to admit that a 1000 dollar blaster can beat their 3500 dollar big bad 4-stroke
Big sticks are always popping up and slapping the bottom of my shoe or going up my pants. Will nerf's prevent that?